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Annual Commemoration of the End of World War II

Whenever possible, our annual reunion takes place sometime between VJ Day and September 2nd to coincide with the end of World War II.  The location will usually be in East Hartford, Connecticut, the home base of our operations.

On Saturday, we will hold a seminar with special guest presenters.  We will try to alternate each reunion between a Pacific Theater of Operations topic and a European Theater of Operations topic or a general WWII topic.  On Sunday, we will hold a banquet.  The banquet will include a guest speaker, display of the World War II Museum, a Candlelight Ceremony of Remembrance, Quilts of Valor, portraits of WWII Veterans and silent raffles.

This event is to Honor not only all our living World War II Veterans, but to also Remember all those who are no longer with us. It is as much a celebration of the Veterans themselves as it is for the families who remain to ensure their loved one is not forgotten.

All events are FREE for World War II Veterans

We are seeking sponsors to help make this event possible for the WWII Veterans.

Become a Sponsor or Member of the World War II Legacy Foundation and you will

receive discounts or complimentary admission to the reunion event.

We Thank our Volunteers and Sponsors for their help and of course

our Veterans for their bravery and service.


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