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The World War II Legacy Foundation is an All-Volunteer organization.  Whether you live within driving distance to us or are in another state, there are ways you can help.  We try to match our volunteers with skills they posses and enjoy. Contact us if you would like to volunteer.

Below are a few examples of ways you can help accomplish our mission.


We escort willing World War II Veterans who would like to be in their home town parades.  They accompany us in our decorated car with their name indicated on the car. We also need volunteers to carry a large American flag.  We are making large posters of World War II Veterans we have worked with or know and they are carried by volunteeers in thier honor.  We woul especially like to see other clubs or organizations do thsi ad a group for the event. 

Annual Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima

We put together events, virual or in-person to commemorate the Battle of Iwo Jima.  This is done to remember the sacrifices and heroism of the service men and women who served fighting for our freedom.  Since 1995, we ahve been involved with the anual reunio sof hte Iwo Jim  Survivors and so the tradition continues.  As the ranks fo theise veterans gets smaller each year, ti is even mroe important ti enj=sure those who remain are whown oru gratitude and respect. 

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